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Eat well is not just essential for our health, it is also an important part of our living quality and a happy life. No matter the importance as it is, we still find it difficult to save enough amount of time to prepare a healthy dinner or lunch. We provide a solution to solve the problem.


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  We are focusing on bringing people together. Live a better life by helping each other saving time, save money, and eat well. 

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We treat others the way we treat ourselves. Bring others the same lunch box we eat. Show off the healthiest food that makes us proud.

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Yesterday, I went to Walmart for some vegetable. I had found some lovely fresh long squashes there before. So, I was going to try my luck and see if I could find some there. There happened to be a quite some there
When uploading a meal, there is a place to record our detail address. It is needed as people want to know where to go for the dinner. But wait. We do not want everyone to know where we are hosting the dinner event
Good food good life, Celtuce is usually harvested at a length of around one foot long or less. It has a diameter of around one to one and a half inch. It is crisp, moist, and mildly flavored. I would like to

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